УП "Белгипролес"
Проектно-изыскательское республиканское унитарное предприятие
58-летний опыт работы
Выполняем проектно-изыскательские и научно-технические работы
Квалифицированный персонал
Мы готовы связаться с вами и ответить на все волнующие вас вопросы
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UE «Belgiproles»
Design and survey republican unitary enterprise
58 years experience
We carry out design and survey and scientific and technical work
Qualified staff
We are ready to contact you and answer all your questions
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About company


The initial purpose of the creation of the enterprise was the development of construction projects for hydro-melioration and road objects. At the moment, our specialists carry out various works and provide services in more than 10 major areas.

UE “Belgiproles” having 58 years of experience in many areas of forestry and environmental design is ready to perform design and survey and scientific and technical work.


Certification of LPMS

Allows you to identify occupational hazards, to assess the risks of death and injury to workers, as well as to develop and implement effective measures to reduce them

Forest certification

Areas of forestry activity, which contributes to ensuring the productivity and sustainability of forest stands, enhancing forest biological diversity


Activities for the development, publication and application of standards for the establishment of standards, regulations and characteristics in order to ensure safety


The process of establishing regulatory time-consuming to perform a unit of specific work

Technical Supervision

Quality control of construction, repair, installation and commissioning works performed by a contractor at a specific facility and compliance with their design solutions

Occupational Safety and Health

The system of legislative acts, socio-economic, organizational, technical, hygienic and therapeutic and preventive measures to ensure safety

Development of RTD

Development of regulations, rules, recommendations, instructions, instructions, standards, cash and technological maps


The set of operations performed in order to confirm compliance of measuring instruments with metrological characteristics

Design and survey work

The complex of actions and calculations according to which financial, technical, labor and material resources are planned

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