Population Census 2019

Population Census 2019

The population census will be held in Belarus on October 4-30, 2019.

The census will be held every 10 years. The difference of the current population census will be the opportunity for citizens to fill in the questionnaires via the Internet on their own and at a convenient time. It will also be possible to rewrite at the stationary sites. Another way – at home – in the course of the oral survey of the scribe.

Organization of a survey of respondents:

  • From October 4 to 18 – the respondent can inform about himself/herself at the stationary sites or fill in the questionnaires in the Internet;
  • From October 19 to 20 – polling at stationary sites and monitoring of filling in the census forms on the Internet;
  • October 21-30 – Residential survey of respondents.

Whose data will be rewritten?

Citizens of Belarus, foreigners and stateless persons who permanently or temporarily live/stay in Belarus;

Citizens of Belarus, foreigners and stateless persons, who permanently reside in Belarus, but at the time of the census temporarily left for another country (if you left for more than a year, you will not be able to fill in the documents).

Place of permanent residence is a settlement, house, apartment, other residential or non-residential premises that are used for living and where the respondent spends most of his time (may not coincide with the address at which he is registered).

What will be asked about?

The new questionnaire will have a total of 49 questions. Belarusians will be asked why they do not work on the territory of their region, will be interested in additional education. There will be questions about agriculture and households – for example, whether the family has cattle and fruit trees in the subsidiary farm. Women will be asked if they want to have children, and every Belarusian will answer if he plans to leave the country.

The questionnaire is designed to provide information on all members of the household (family) living together. Personal data about minor children are reported by their parents (guardians, trustees) or adult members of the household. You can also rewrite your elderly relatives and grandparents over the Internet.

Personal data will be anonymized. All information is intended for state statistics authorities. No tax authorities will receive information. During the census daily from 9:00 to 21:00 there will be a call-center for consultations.

Census results

The final census data will be made publicly available:

Until February 3, 2020, preliminary data on the population will be prepared with the distribution on urban and rural, by sex, by the republic, by regions and by the city of Minsk;

By June 1, 2020, the main final data on the population by the republic, regions and the city of Minsk will be published. There will be a distribution by sex, age, nationality, language, education, marital status and sources of livelihood; Till July 1, 2020 the final data of the census on the issues of agricultural activity concerning agricultural activity will be prepared.