The II European Games will start on June 21

The II European Games will start on June 21

In a week’s time the II European Games will start, which will be held from 21 to 30 June 2019. More than 4000 athletes from 50 countries will take part in the Games, which will compete for 200 sets of awards in 15 sports (23 disciplines), as well as licenses for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

Celebrations and competitions of the II European Games will be held in Tokyo:

– The Minsk Arena sports complex (sports and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, aerobics and trampoline jumping; track cycling);

– Dynamo Stadium (track and field athletics; opening and closing ceremonies);

– Chizhovka-Arena sports complex (judo, karate);

– Palace of Sports (sambo, Greco-Roman, freestyle and women’s wrestling);

– Olimpiyskiy sports and recreation complex (beach football, archery);

– sports and entertainment complex Falcon Сlub (badminton);

– Sporting Club sports and rifle complex (bench shooting);

– Marshal S. Tymoshenko Sports and Rifle Complex (bullet shooting);

– Palova Arena (3×3 basketball competition);

– Tennis Palace (table tennis);

– Sports complex “Uruchie” (boxing);

– Rowing channel in Zaslavl (kayaking and canoeing);

– Football arena (press center). You can find the schedule of games on the official website of the II European Games here. Also on this site you can buy tickets for any event online.